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Years ago, my husband and I took our kids on a spring getaway to Phoenix, Arizona. It was my daughter's sixth birthday, so we pulled out all the stops - the Airbnb had a crystal blue pool perfect for a pint-sized wannabe mermaid, we did a horseback trail ride through a cactus-rich landscape on a ranch on the outskirts of town. But one afternoon, we had nothing on the docket.


It was hot. We were bored. Then, a fortuitous billboard beckoned us to the Legoland Discovery Center at the local mall. The experience was much like you'd expect - sort of a cheap knock-off of the real thing. A couple of small amusement rides. A smattering of differently-themed rooms to encourage creativity with mounds of tiny, colorful bricks.


It kept us occupied - and, more importantly, air-conditioned - for the afternoon. As we finally made our exit later that day, we were compelled to pass through the Lego store. Instantly, I was hit with a barrage of requests from my children to buy this set or that one, none of which we needed or had the space for in our luggage. 


Then, we happened upon the "build yourself" Lego bin. Here was a souvenir option we could easily carry home with us and that (hopefully) wouldn't turn to foot-shredding landmines in our carpet. A Lego homage to ourselves - what a whimsical way to capture our three-hour experience.


Feverishly, we each set to work digging through piles of blocky plastic legs, torsos, heads, and hairdos. As it turns out, it's not as straightforward as you'd expect to construct your mini doppelganger. I must've tried on at least a dozen heads before settling on one that mirrored enough "me" back to me. 

Today, years later, our quaint family of four still perches atop the kitchen windowsill, frozen in time. The perfectly posed figurines echo back to us a story of who we were and, in some ways, still are - though some of us have outgrown Legos altogether. The story itself is what matters, the accurate reflection of a moment that marked our collective journeys. 

Why am I telling you this obscure, faintly morose tale?


I suppose it's because the endeavor of telling your story is a lot like building yourself from Lego. It sounds easy enough but, once you start digging around, you find it's helpful to have extra hands in the bin unearthing pieces you may not have seen. And you only know it's finished when you're staring at your counterpart on paper, a version of yourself that you recognize on a deep soul level. 

That sort of sums up the work I do. A mix of copywriting, branding, and aspects of marketing influence my ability to take what's in your head - a creative idea, a unique perspective, an artistic concept - and gather it into words through the lens of great storytelling. As we unpack the pieces, we uncover a voice that is just yours and a clear picture of the purpose behind your work.​

I tell clients I can help them find their unique voice - as a brand, an artist, a creator - but the truth is, that voice is already inside of you. My role is to draw out your extraordinary vision and hold it up for you to see, so you can fully own it, describe it, and share it with Your People.  

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Kyle H. 

Founder, G&B Digital Management

“Lauren is a mind-reader. Her Process should be mapped and marketed."




The Obligatory Third-Person Fine Print

Lauren is an expert communicator, enthusiastic content creator, and brilliant relationship-builder passionate about helping creators find their unique voice, identify their gifts, and express their vision as part of a cohesive brand. With a background in organizational communication and tons of skills picked up along the way - web development, UX design, copywriting - her storytelling versatility is rivaled only by her ability to quote obscure '80's cinema.


To date, she has developed copy and contributed to branding concepts for bigwigs like LG Electronics, Gerber, Braun, and Katy Perry. She has also partnered with startups and established brands in every industry under the sun, from architecture, fashion, hospitality, and fine dining to medicine, music, and law. She thrives on the challenge of crafting great stories that help people express themselves and share their talents or expertise with the world.

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